Authors Land 1st Traditional Advance-Paying Book Deal

Are you an author ready to get your book published but don’t know where to begin? Are you unsure where to send your manuscript?

Now you can take the guess work out of book deals, and avoid being suckered into self-publishing, or signing a contract with a publisher who doesn’t pay a cash advance.

The Author’s Traditional Publishers Directory contains more than 300 traditional book publishers who accept submissions from all authors, without the need for a literary agent, and they all pay an advance upon signature of contract.


The Best Way to secure a Traditional Advance-Paying Book Publisher

The  Authors’ Traditional Publishers Directory is the authoritative resource for authors looking for a publisher who offers a traditional, advance-paying book publishing contract, without the need to be represented by a literary agent.

Each publisher profiled inside the  Authors’ Traditional Publishers Directory features full contact information, a company bio, genres of interest, manuscript submission guidelines, details of the advance paid, and a link to the publishers website.

This authoritative and up-to-date resource will help you effortlessly find a traditional, advance-paying publisher for your manuscript. You may not realise it, but there are hundreds of traditional advance-paying publishers out there eager to read your manuscript.

“The Authors’ Traditional Publishers Directory is an incredible resource. It only contains traditional publishers. All of them pay an advance against future royalties (proof is provided), and they are all taking submissions from authors whether or not they are represented by a literary agent.” 
Brian Grove, Award Winning Author.

The  Authors’ Traditional Publishers Directory contains:

  • 257 page eBook
  • 159 fiction publishers
  • 167 non-fiction publishers
  • All fiction and non-fiction genres covered
  • Publishers paying advances from $100s to $1,000,000+
  • No self publishing companies or publishers who don’t pay an advance
  • Publishers in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, & South Africa

You’ll love the  Authors’ Traditional Publishers Directory if:

  • You are ready to submit your manuscript to publishers and launch your career as a published author.
  • You want the most up-to-date information of traditional book publishers around the world who pay an advance against future royalties and are accepting submissions today from all authors, no literary agent required.
  • You are a literary agent looking for more traditional publishers for your clients.

The 2016 Authors’ Traditional Publishers Directory is the result of years of in-depth research. You can now gain access to hundreds of advance paying traditional book publishers, and give yourself the best chance of securing a traditional publishing deal.

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