About me


I am a retired university lecturer who specializes in helping writers to improve their work.  I have twenty years experience of offering technical and creative solutions to writers from all over the world. Whether you are seeking editorial input for your fictional writing, assistance with an essay, or crafting business material I am here to help.


Unlike most online editing services I offer personal guidance through your project. I do not contract out work to students and am available for consultation to all of my clients.




 Reviews- If you have something written and would like an informed opinion as to its technical and/or artistic impact I can provide a written report outlining strengths and weaknesses. Reports also specify practical steps, which can be taken to improve the work.


Editing- For clients who have a finished draft of their work I offer editorial revisions designed to maximize the impact and sales potential of the finished manuscript. I work closely with each writer to ensure that the editorial process does not dilute his or her authorial voice.


Rewriting/English enhancement. – Many clients look to enhance the flow and syntax of their writing. Whether you are writing English as a second language, or just lack confidence in the technical aspects of your work I can rewrite it to flow in correct, “native” English. I offer this service for anything from a birthday card to a PhD thesis.


Business letters/ promotional copy- I am happy to craft your business material for maximum impact in English speaking markets. Whether it is an important letter, email or a brochure I can ensure that your English presentation is correct and attractive to potential clients.


General writing services - if you require a piece of English writing for any purpose I will consider all projects. 



All projects are considered individually, and priced accordingly. I undertake all work personally and endeavour to offer a pricing structure, which is mutually agreeable. Email me an outline of your needs and we can discuss a way forward with your project.